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39500 W Ten Mile Rd Ste 104, Novi, MI 48375

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Every part is connected, you can have multiple concerns and actually get some assistance with some or all of the concerns. We prioritize what needs to be addressed to achieve a tangible wellness plan. There are some acupuncture points that have multiple functions. Careful selection of these points are considered in your treatment to good health.

The Main Goal of Acupuncture: to balance the fluctuating yin and yang polarities. This means homeostasis. The body craves a state of balance. The tangible results are relief from pain and symptoms, strengthening of the immune system and integrating organ function for balance. Imbalance in the body or blocked energy can bring on pain and various other symptoms of ill health.

Make a difference you need to take control of your lifestyle. It's a simple discussion to identify your treatment.

Soya Lee - Acupuncture

Wednesday - Friday 10am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm

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