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Holistic Facial Rejuvenation

This procedure is a revitalization process for the entire body designed to make you look and feel renewed without surgery, redness, flaking, downtime or discomfort.

  • No Pain
  • No Downtime for Healing
  • Minimize Puffiness
  • Encourage Collagen Production
  • Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Firm Skin Tone
  • Diminish Blemishes and Breakouts
  • Holistic
Light Therapy


Light is the basis of all communication, information and the innate intelligence of the body. Microcurrent appears to act as a carrier for externally applied light, helping it penetrate more deeply in the body more easily. Dr. Perricone, author "7 Secrets to Beauty and Anti-aging", recommends light and current to rejuvenate the face naturally.

The microcurrent is said to match the strength of the body's own electrical charge and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This is a method of neuromuscular re-education and helps the body to minimize the facial patterns it has been holding for years.

Article about Energy Light Rejuvenation


Choose to have cosmetic acupuncture treatment for your face. Hair-thin needles are inserted in the face and body to promote enhanced circulation specific to facial rejuvenation. This method treats stress and tension in the face, minimizes wrinkles, increase skin tone and circulation and revitalizes the face. The side benefit of this treatment is  “healthcare in the form of a facial”. Underlying imbalances in the body may improve with consecutive treatments. Beauty and health are not independent but rather intertwined. Facial rejuvenation is rooted in the traditions of Chinese medicine and can be found as far back as 1121 BC Western Zhou period for treatment of skin disorders. Cosmetic Acupuncture


A series of 10-12 treatments are recommended for best results along with lifestyle and dietary changes if necessary.

Acupuncture "facelift" demonstrated on the Dr. Oz show

I have had 20 facial acupuncture treatments from Soya Lee and have really seen results and, as well as that, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I have had remarkable results with my facial lines and the quality of my skin. Although I am no longer young, being 59 years of age, by the end of the treatments I literally had no lines at all on my forehead. In fact, my husband asked if I had had Botox (which I wouldn't do). My forehead lines are completely gone. The other most distinctive lines I had were nose to mouth lines. These have diminished and softened quite a bit. Also, overall the whole texture of my face has improved and plumped out. I used to find my skin was very dull no matter how I exfoliated it and what products I used. Now, it has a healthy glow and I don't need to use foundation all the time as I did before. At the weekends, I just use a little concealer and I'm good to go. Many of my friends have noticed something different. They are not sure exactly what the difference is but the remarks have all been positive. Only the other day I was standing outside in the sunshine (which is not the most flattering light) and a good friend came up to me, peered closely at my face and said: "Boy, you look so young; what are you doing?"

However, the good looks are not the only benefit. I also have to share with you another amazing side benefit. Last winter, I slipped on the ice and fell on the back of my head, knocking myself unconscious and causing a large lump to appear. My husband rushed me to emergency but fortunately there was no major damage. This did, however, leave me with one depressing side-effect. I completely lost my sense of smell. I have always had a very keen sense of smell and loved to smell new-mown grass, a bouquet of good wine and the scent of roses. After several months, there was no sign of my smell ever returning, and my doctor had given up on me. Half way through the acupuncture treatments I was excited to find that I could start to smell things again. Now at the end of the 20 treatments, my sense of smell has returned from 0% to about 80%, and I feel sure it will return completely.

Each treatment takes about 40 minutes and I have typically had mine during my lunch break which has been like an oasis of peace in my stressful life. I have returned to my work refreshed and centered. Soya has a compassionate, caring and gentle touch and always goes out of her way to ensure a pleasant, healing experience. She is a really lovely person and skilled acupuncturist who is dedicated to her patients' well-being.

Overall, this experience has been wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone who not only wants to look better but who also wants to feel better. Isn't that all of us?

Chrissie Blaze
Author, astrologer, international speaker

My skin feels and looks terrific!  I am a true believer in the process.  My smile lines are definately more shallow and the lines around my eyes are smoother.  I feel as if I look more "rested" and "rejeuvenated".  My pimples cleared up very quickly (overnight in fact).

I am so happy to have found something for my skin that will be a benefit to my whole body.

L.K. from Troy

I had read about holistic facial rejuvenation and this new Energy Light Rejuvenation and was very skeptical. I finally decided to try it.  There were a number of issues I wanted to address such as bags under my eyes and my rosacea and after about the third treatment the redness was fading and the puffiness was almost entirely gone.  There was such a noticeable glow and smoothness to my face after just the first treatment, I was hooked.   It was a great relaxing way to spend my lunch hour. 
Bloomfield Hills